Who is a friend?

Who is a friend? Is it Someone whom you find on Facebook and send a friend request and say, "yeah, I have a new friend" or a coworker who works hand-in-hand because you both are getting paid to achieve the goal of the owner whom you both serve for money or the one who will wake up in the middle of the night and answer you call for help, who is also willing to postpone their plans of work and their life and family (like Job's friends) and come be with you in your troubles?  An example: God said Abraham is his "friend" because Abraham answered God and obeyed his voice and did the will of God to support God. Is there a man/woman like that in your life, or are you one like that to someone?  Love your neighbor as yourself!  When Job's friends heard Job's situation, they left everything and came to him. They did not consider the distance nor say to him, "You were far away" or "If you were nearby, we could've done something." Job did not

Know Your God: Yes, is a “Yes” and No, is a “No”.

Book of Daniel

Do not look back!

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Life, Today, Not Just For Tomorrow!

Worship God in spirit and truth.

John 17:3 - This is Eternal Life