Know Your God: Yes, is a “Yes” and No, is a “No”.

When I read the bible, I see a certain contradiction. Have you ever seen such things and wondered? Long ago, when I used to read, I would not stop to meditate and ask God, why? But in the last few years, I have started to question. Is God really contradicting his own judgments of words? Is God changing his own words? Both the sections of the bible say that God doesn’t change his words, so let your yes be 'yes', and no, be 'no' as well. So why would God change his words? If you are not aware of what I am saying, let’s take Numbers 22 as an example.  Let us look into the background before we look into the verse: Israel have come out of Egypt and now they are wandering in the desert and Balak saw them and feared them as they have already brought the kingdom and its kings to an end. So Balak went to Balaam, a Prophet, who speaks to God and lay a curse or blessing upon people based on the complete judgement of God as God is holy and he knows what is there in the people’s hea

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